Developing a complex show like Pirate Jenny involves a large number of creative people. Apart from the multitude who helped with the script, the main contributors are listed below:

Rachel Aspinwall: co-director, Paul Bourne: co-director and lighting design. Dave Carter: music development. Chrissie Eaves-Walton: costumes and set design, Nick Ellis: creator, illustrator, animator, composer, writer and producer. Tim Harding: audio. Dai Jenkins: Old Man Snape, musical arranger and script development. Mike Levy: script development. Amanda Macdonald: Pirate Jenny and education coordinator. Lizzy Mace: administration. Tom Marty: script development. David Palmer: set construction. Prya Pattel: sponsorship. Elaine Turnbull: technical director and music development. Trevor and Jean Vincent: set design. (Other parts are still to be cast)